Start score-keeping for basketball in seconds

Turn any computer or PC into a beautiful scoreboard. No download, no install, no hassle. Free and no signup required.

Simple, beautiful, ready to go

Create a basketball scoreboard in your browser and project it onto a monitor or big screen. Say goodbye to expensive and complex alternatives 👋

How does basketball scoring work?
A basketball scoreboard being shown on a television

Control the scoreboard from any device

You can update, edit and create new scoreboards from any device that has a browser. Use it on a PC, TV, projector, or smartphone.

Turn your PC into a scoreboard
A mobile phone that is controlling a basketball scoreboard

Display a live basketball scoreboard anywhere

If you have a display that is capable of displaying a browser, you can show your scoreboard on it, no matter how large or small.

Turn your TV into a scoreboard
An outdoor basketball scoreboard. The scoreboard is being controlled by a web-browser

Ideal for streaming

If you use software like OBS, StreamLabs or Wirecast to stream basketball games we've got you covered. With this tool you can insert a scoreboard overlay into your stream.

Add a scoreboard overlay to OBS
A scoreboard overlaid on a live-stream of a basketball game.

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Reasons for using KeepTheScore

Fully customizable

Set team colors, team logos and and a custom background color for a highly professional look.

Realtime scoring

Create a virtual scoreboard in seconds. You control the scoreboard in realtime from a browser window.

Easy sharing

Share your scoreboard by sending a link via email, WhatsApp or posting to social media. Anyone with the link will be able to follow the match in real-time.

No app install

Tired of installing apps? For this you only need a browser. Everyone can participate without installing anything. Really!

5 seconds to setup

To begin scoring a basketball game, click the button and you're ready to go. Try it yourself!

No login or signup required

Works without requiring your email or setting a password. You can create a login to safely store your boards.

What do our users say?

Wow guys, what a great app, thank you for all your work to get it up and running, I'm using it to stream my son's basketball games in South Africa!

A happy user of our online score-keeper

I was using other solutions in the past, some online, some using a downloadable app. This one is the best!

A happy user of our online score-keeper

The scoreboard works amazingly well with OBS. Our scorekeeper has been very happy with how simple it is to operate and keep track. We have the output ran to a large TV and the audience is able to easily see the team names and score throughout our game.

A happy user of our online score-keeper