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Create a synchronized click counter

If the features of the counter above aren't enough for you, consider our advanced counters.

Synchronized tally counting

Allow several people to use the counter at the same time! All you need to do is provide them all with the same link.

Save your count in the cloud

Whatever you count is safely stored in the cloud. Once you return to your counter in the browser, the counts will be automatically loaded.

Share your counters via a link

Get a link with which you can share your counters via email, WhatsApp or Facebook. The counters will update automatically.

Add a theme to your counters

We off a wide range of themes with which you can customize your counters. You can also set a custom color per counter.

Edit the counter names

Give each counter an individual name to make it clear what's being counted. Great for use in a team or in the classroom

Allow read-only access

Our advanced counters allow you to share a read-only link. Anyone with this link will see the values of the counters but will not be able to change them.

Need to count something?

This webapp allows you to instantly create your own click counter and share it via a link — meaning it can be accessed from anywhere.

Unlike other solutions, your data is stored on a server, so you can't lose it! You can also come back to the counter later from a different device.

You can use this software without downloading anything, without registration, without providing your email or any personal data. Read more about our tally counters here.

Online click counter

What can I count?

Count the number of people in a shop, count repetitions, count scores, count money, count points, the possibilities are endless.

Works great on mobile devices

This app has been optimized for mobile. The user-interface and layouts work perfectly on mobile phones and tablets.

Can I customize my counters?

You can create as many counters as you need. Each one can have it's own name. Define custom increments. You can also choose a theme.

Collaborative counting

Share the link to your counter and several people can track counts simultaneously and in real time.

No app or software install

Tired of installing and updating software? For this you only need a browser. Everyone can participate without installing anything.

1 second to setup

To begin counting, you just click the orange button above you're ready to go. You can instantly share a read-only version of your counter. Try it yourself!