Click Counters FAQ - KeepTheScore

How do I add further click counters to a page?

Click on the "Add counter" button at the bottom of the page

How can I edit a counter?

You can rename, and change the color of a counter. To do so, click on the counter name.

Can I change the title of the board ("My Counters")?

Yes. Click on the "EDIT/CONFIGURE" button at the top.

How can multiple people use the same counter?

Send everyone the admin link for you board. To do so, click on "PUBLISH" at the top.

How do I change the values of the blue increment buttons?

You can change how many buttons there are per counter and the value of the increments. To do so, click on the "EDIT" button at the top and then on, "Entering data" and then "CHANGE INCREMENTS".

Can counters change their ordering?

No, they cannot. If you want the ability to order counters, then you should create a leaderboard and choose the "compact" layout.

How do click counters work?

The counter runs entirely in your browser, so you don't have to worry about installing anything. For each counter there are 2 links: one is the admin link, the other is the public link.

You can share the public link with anyone. They will see the live counters in their browser. However, only share the admin link with people you trust.

How do I create a click counter?

  1. Go to this page and click the "Create a click counter" button
  2. This will result in a new page being created with 2 click counters.

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